Car Safety – Traveling and avoiding obstacles

Snakes On A Car!!! Remember the other movie, with the similar title, starring Samuel L. Jackson… yeah, that is not what we are talking about here… ha! But, we all remember that one line that was started right here online, on the internet…. Because of the language of the line we cannot repeat it here, but if you know anything about Samuel L. Jackson, you can probably figure it out if you are not aware of this situation. The internet is a beast that brings all of us together. Recently, there is a You Tube video that reminded me of that movie. This video stars a snake, but in this case the set was on a moving vehicle, and the people inside are real here! No fictional movie, no script, no crew, no cast members… just real life stuff here!!!! See video below (courtesy of You Tube). It is crazy!!!!

As always we here at Gerber Collision and Glass are ready to met any and all of your needs! Watch out for critters folks! BEEP! BEEP! Gerber is highly wreck-ommended!




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