What to do if your car is hit by a tree – How to repair your windsheild

Biff – “Make like a tree, and get outta here…!!!”…. Future Old Biff – “it’s make like and tree and leave!” Get it? Leave?… trees have leaves… okay well, it’s a famous and funny line from the Back To The Future movies. Gotta love those movies, and gotta love trees! Trees are soo important because they bring us food, shelter, lumber, tools, oxygen, and sooo much more! Trees are homes for animal life and great for the environment. They even provide a sound barrier for noise from roadways, construction and other activities.

But, (there is always a but), trees can sometimes NOT be the best of friends to our pals, the cars! Now, we are not talking about some kind of mysterious force causing a tree to fall on a car…. We are talking about the drivers that lose control of their vehicles and wrap them around a tree on the side of the road, or are texting while driving (a big no-no), or driving under the influence (an even bigger no-no). These accidents are dangerous! Gerber Collision and Glass is always here to see to it that your automobile is repaired right! We offer full service auto body repairs and auto glass services to get you up and running. Please be careful folks and watch out for them trees!!!

Beep Beep!


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