Car Travel Safety Tips – How to protect your dog in the car

Why did the snowman name his dog Frost?  Because Frost bites!!!!  Yep, there is a doggone joke for ya’ll… but honestly, we have a serious topic to discuss today!  PET SAFETY in your cars.  How many of you have taken your dogs in your car with you before?  Well, there are a ton of us that have!  Now, how many of you have thrown your dog in the car, and drove off, not safely securing them?  There is a huge amount of safety issues when we let our dogs roam free in our cars, without safety restraints.

If we love our pets, which we all do, why do some of us not protect them?  You can use a pet harness or a pet cage and secure your pet in the car.  This way, if there was an unfortunate accident or a sudden stop, your pet would be less likely to be thrown around the car.  And you should never let your pet sit in the front seat, especially if your car is equipped with a passenger airbag.  Please protect your pets!  If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask, Gerber Collision and Glass, we are here for all your needs!  Drive Safe!


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