Many Options (voice to text, hands-free features) make texting while driving unnecessary

Many Options (voice to text, hands-free features) make texting while driving unnecessary…

Texting while driving is a huge NO-NO!  Some interesting information about texting while driving is listed below.  Please remember that these statistics are only estimates.  We at Gerber Collision and Glass continue to encourage you to please stop texting while driving.  Please make the pledge and be dedicated to driving without texting…. there are many options, like voice to text, and hands-free features that making using your thumbs and physically texting while driving completely unnecessary….

Texting while driving info:

  • An accident can happen within seconds of texting
  • Texting is a youth’s sport, as more of the youngsters are the ones that are keen to this technology.  It is said that about 40 percent of texting while driving drivers are ages 18 to 27.  Then the age group of 28 to 44 years old is about 15 percent, and then only 2 percent of 45 to 60 years old text while driving.
  • Texting while driving causes lane weaving, speeding up and down, and increases the chances of running into pedestrians, other vehicles, or other objects.
  • 95 percent of people think texting while driving is a big NO-NO, but at least approximately 25 percent admit that they do it anyways.
  • Legally drunk drivers need about 4 additional feet to begin braking… and a person that is texting while driving needs about 70 feet to begin braking.  This is extremely scary folks.
  • And finally, texting while driving your automobile increases your risk of an accident about 25 times a person operating a vehicle that is not impaired in some way.

What can you do?

Experts say one of easiest things to do is to just simply turn off your phone when you get into your vehicle.  It’s that easy!  This way you will resist the urge to send a message, or to reply to a message received.  There are even many states that have passed laws that make texting while driving illegal.  Bottom line:  it is about saving your life, and saving the lives of others…. Please do not text and drive…


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