Changing lanes with blind spot mirrors

Blind Spot Mirrors   


Blind spot mirrors are a key component to vehicle safety.  The blind spot in a moving vehicle is a safety issue that must be stressed. Many decisions must be made when attempting to change lanes or pass another vehicle.  Before changing into another lane you must be sure there is no traffic or obstacles. This could hinder the safety of you or others. One major problem with attempting to change lanes is turning your head around to look in the other lane. Although we have all done it, this takes focus off of what is in front of us.  This could result in an auto collision

 Blind spot mirrors allow the driver to see traffic without turning the focus away from what is ahead of them. These mirrors are installed on the corners of the side mirrors and are designed to pick up the blind spot. The blind spot is the area you cannot see with just the side mirrors alone. Blind spot safety mirrors are an excellent device that can be installed in seconds and are sold at a low cost.  Gerber Collision and Glass recommends checking all safety issues with your vehicle before your next lane change.


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