Driving in a Winter Wonderland

Driving in a Winter Wonderland


As winter time approaches, the chances of a collision multiply tremendously. Those of us in cold weather states must prepare for the hazards that loom ahead. Driving in the snow and ice is a dangerous task. Many precautions need to be analyzed before hitting the road when conditions turn bad. At Gerber collision and glass we recommend going over a few of these tips before Mother Nature is at its worst.

If you have to drive on ice, always drive at the slowest possible speed. When you brake, ease on the pedal slowly. It is also very important to be seen. Keeping your lights on will help you and other drivers from a head on collision. Don’t pass other cars while on these treacherous roads. This only increases your chance of an accident. If your front wheels start to skid, make sure you take your foot off the gas and put the car in neutral. The vehicle will slow as the wheels skid sideways. As your traction returns, turn the car in the direction that you want to go and put the car back in the drive position.  Accelerate slowly after you have regained control.

If you get stuck, do not spin the wheels. This will only put you in a deeper hole. You can try moving your wheels from side to side. This allows you to break up the snow, and then you can accelerate slowly. One good thing to have on hand is sand or kitty litter. Put this under the wheel for added traction.

Another important issue that is not stressed enough is driving with cruise control. This is especially dangerous because you can lose balance of the vehicle very fast. You should always be in complete control of the vehicle when driving in the snow or ice. Be overly cautious of bridges or roads that are infrequently used. Ice builds up faster on the paths.

The one true way to avoid a collision on icy or snow packed roads is to avoid them all together. We at Gerber collision and glass know this is nearly impossible. Having the right knowledge and preparation will guide you through another driving season in a winter wonder land.


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