Tailgating is No Party

Tailgating is No Party

You see it every day.  It is sweeping the nation.  Cars nearly attached to the vehicle in front ofthem.  No room between them.  No room for error.  But this is no party you’d want to attend.  Tailgating is becoming one of the leading causes of automobile collisions in the U.S.  It seems like everyone is in too much of a rush anymore.  Behind the wheel is not the place to live this fast paced lifestyle.

Tailgating decreases the amount of time in which you have to stop.  If your car is not at least three car lengths away, then you are too close.  You may have seen people tapping on their breaks if someone gets to close.  This is very dangerous as well.  It causes road rage and unnecessary collisions.  At Gerber Collision and Glass we stress safety first.  Do not antagonize the driver.  If you have to, pull over.  Find a gas station or road you can turn down.  Let the other driver go around you even if you are not in the wrong.  Tailgating is one of the most avoidable dangers on the road.  It is up to all of us to slow down the rush party on the freeways and roads.


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