Rotate Your Tires Regularly

Rotate Your Tires Regularly

Tire rotation is very important on your car maintenance checklist. Getting your tires rotated on a regular basis will save the life of your tires.  As your tires age they develop wear patterns.  These wear patterns will make your car shake and can lead to collisions if not properly corrected. The front tires tend to wear quicker than the back ones.  It is best to rotate the front tires a couple of times over the life of them.  Tire manufacturers recommend you have your tires rotated every five to ten thousand miles. It may even be every three thousand depending on the weight of the car and the miles that are driven on them.  Another way to look at this is every other oil change. Write a T on the oil change slip they put inside your car. This will let you know at next oil change you need a tire rotation as well.  You may even tell the oil change personnel to put it in their computer.  Many oil change companies include this service for free.  Shop around or look for coupons that can save you money.  At Gerber Collision and Glass we believe tire rotation is very imperative and should be done as directed.


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