Get Your Trailer Ready To Roll

Towing a Trailer

So you got the luggage packed.  The kids are already getting restless in the SUV.  The trailer is packed with the tent and fishing tackle.  Everything is set for the big camping trip. There is one thing you may have overlooked.  That thing you’re towing behind you.  Safety is job one when towing a trailer.

Towing a trailer is something that should not be taken lightly.  There are many safety issues that must be evaluated before that camping trip starts.  Make sure the lights are connected correctly.  All of the necessary lights need to be working.  Test the brake, running, turn, tail and hazard lights.  Remember cars can’t see the brake lights on your vehicle.  It is up to the trailer.

Make sure the ball hitch is the proper size.  It should match up to the size on the trailer. You do not want it too big or small.  Always use a pin when locking down the trailer.  Make sure you have safety chains that attach to your vehicle securely.  Check the tires and make sure they are inflated to their proper levels.  This should be done with your car as well.

The addition of a trailer adds more weight and length to your vehicle.  More weight means less time to stop.  Always drive with caution to avoid a collision.  More length means you have to make wider turns and be more aware when changing lanes.  At Gerber Collision and Glass we believe towing safety should never be taken for granted.  Read the manual for your trailer. Make sure all of these issues are dealt with before your next big trip.


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