Replacing a Car Air Filter

Car Air Filter


Replacing the air filter in your automobile is essential to peak performance.  A dirty air filter decreases your gas mileage and blocks the airflow.  It is recommended to change it at least once a year or every 15,000 miles.  Oil change companies should check it for you every time you get new oil.  Be cautious as the prices of air filters at many of these places are doubled, or even triple the price than at an auto parts store.  Replacing an air filter yourself will save you a lot of money and it’s real easy to do.

Pop the hood of your car.  Make sure it is cool before any work is done.  The air filter is enclosed in a black box near the top of the engine.  You will need a few essential tools.  A butter knife, Phillips, and flat head screwdriver should do the trick.  The box is usually held in by a couple of clips.  Slide the butter knife carefully between the box and clips to open it.  In some vehicles you may find a couple screws holding the filter in.  Use the screwdrivers to get to your air filter.  Once you get everything opened, take out the filter and hold it in the sunlight.  Check and make sure there is no debris.  If you think it is dirty, it is.  Replace with a new filter and tighten down any clips or screws that were removed.

This project will take you all of ten to minutes and can save you about twenty dollars.  At Gerber Collision and Glass we strive for safety first.  If you are not totally sure about doing this yourself have a friend or neighbor assist you.  You may even take it to your specialist.  While there watch them change the filter. This will save you money the next time around.  


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