Windshield Wipers Need Attention Too

Windshield Wiper Safety

When talking about car safety there is one issue that gets unnoticed time and time again.  Worn wiper blades pose a serious risk to the safety of you and your vehicle.  It is essential for you to have the clearest possible view through your windshield.  Old worn out blades can cause streaking.  This can be extremely dangerous and distort your perception.

Windshield wipers can become weak from oil, dirt, sunlight and temperature.  Even if the wipers are not used these factors will still cause them to age.  It is important to clean your wipers on a regular basis.  This will help eliminate any dirt or contaminates stuck on them.  It is also recommended that you replace your wipers every six months.  Many auto parts stores install them for free when you buy them.  Try to avoid getting your wipers replaced at the oil change station.  They are sometimes double or triple the price.  Make sure to get the proper blades for the environment in which you are driving.  Gerber Collision and Glass recommends you refer to your vehicles maintenance book or have a professional opinion to which wiper blades are right for you.


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