Thanksgiving Safety on the Road

Thanksgiving Safety on the Road  


Thanksgiving is a time to be with family and express what we are truly thankful for.  It is also a time to be more aware on the highways.  This week is the busiest travel time of the year.  Extra precautions are necessary to make your trip go smooth and without incident.  There are a few issues you may want to go over before hopping in the car.

Traffic is going to be crazy in a lot of places.  Check your local news or radio stations and listen for the traffic report.  This will give you an idea of what you are up against.  Most states have a phone number you can call for traffic information.  Check your states web site for more information that might be useful for you.  Be aware if you are traveling to other states as the weather may change drastically.  Always know the situation you are driving to.

Make sure your vehicle is ready for the road.  Check your tire pressure.  Low tire pressure can cause a blowout which could lead to a collision.  All the fluid levels in your vehicle should also be checked and filled to the proper levels.  Again, make sure you know the conditions of where you are going.  If you are driving from 80 degree temperatures to weather in the 30’s, your car has to be ready for the change. 

Drive with extreme caution.  The Thanksgiving holiday has triple the amount of people driving under the influence of alcohol.  Always wear your seat belt and be courteous to other drivers.  This is not a time to rush.  Law enforcement will be everywhere.  Know your speed limit and arrive at your family’s house safe.  Gerber Collision and Glass recommends using precaution this holiday season.  With the economy still down more people will be driving then flying.  Recognize the issues that may lie ahead and you will have a wonderful Thanksgiving.




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