Save Gas Save Cash

Save Gas Save Cash

So you went through all the madness of black Friday.   Found the best deals of the year.  It is all about saving money these days.  Well you may not be aware of this, but you can save a ton of cash on gas.  On gas you say?  How can we save money on gas when it keeps going up?  There are a few important tips to keep in mind that can save your tank and your wallet.

We all know about the new cars on the market these days that go 30 to 40 miles a gallon.  They are economical and environmentally friendly.  Most electric cars only need to be filled up once a month.  The problem is most of us can’t afford a new vehicle in this economy.   How can we save money on the vehicle we already have?

First, give your car a tune up. Get those spark plugs replaced.  This will make your car run on all cylinders.  When you get gas, fill it up.  Wait until your gas level is at a quarter tank before filling it up.  Avoid getting gas between fill-ups.  It is bad for your wallet and the environment.  This only forces fuel into the evaporative emission system which can damage your circuits after time.

Check the air pressure in your tires.  You could be losing a considerable amount of gas mileage on this alone.  Avoid idling.  This is just burning gas.  Turn your vehicle off if you are parked for more than a few minutes.  Also avoid accelerating too quickly.  Again, this is just burning more fuel.  Always drive at a necessary speed.  The faster you go the more inefficient your vehicle becomes.

  Maintain a safe distance with the car in front of you.  Constant breaking only hurts your cause.  Park in a shady area as gas will evaporate from your tank.  Try to limit the use of your ac. This one can save you big bucks if it is possible.  Gerber Auto and Glass want you to get the best savings you can.  Avoid buying gas near airports.  They usually do not post their gas prices and raise the price considerably.  Check the local news for the cheapest gas prices.  With these little adjustments, you can be on your way to saving for next “Black Friday”.


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