Check Your Brakes Regularly

Check Your Brakes Regularly

Do you check your brakes regularly?  They seldom become an issue until there is a big problem.    Do not take this stand when it comes to your brakes.  Checking your brakes will alleviate costly repairs and dangerous driving conditions.  There are a few tips to consider that will put you and your family at ease.

Gerber Collision and Glass deal with many vehicles that are involved in accidents.  A number of these vehicles have less than satisfactory brakes.  It is essential to have them checked at least once a year.  Get the pads changed before they start digging in the rotors.  If you hear any squeaking, you are overdue.

If the brakes start sticking they may be failing to release.  Touchy brakes that engage with the least amount of pressure indicate a problem with lack of grease or loose components.  If they require a lot of pressure to engage this indicates a power brake flaw, frozen calipers or wheel cylinders, restricted hydraulic lines or damaged lines.

If you have a low peddle this may need some adjusting and can activate your brake warning light.  You may also notice your vehicle pulling to one side. This could be an under inflated tire or misadjusted brakes.  A vibration may also occur which may indicate that the disk brake rotors may need to be resurfaced.  If your vehicle experiences any of the occurrences, Gerber Collision and Glass recommends having a professional diagnose the condition of your brakes.  It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially with your vehicles brakes!


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