Always Travel Pet Friendly

Always Travel Pet Friendly

Did you know that 84 percent of pet owners drive with their little friend beside them at some point in their life?  This is a staggering statistic and a topic rarely discussed.  Let’s take a look at a few tips that will help your pet adjust to life on the road.

If you plan on having your pet drive with you it is best to start them out at an early age.  Take them for short trips so that they get used to the routine.  A car sick pet will make any travel experience miserable.  Use an upholstery protector to save your vehicle from any accidents.  A waterproof seat cover will make any clean ups much easier.  Keep some wipes handy for a quick cleanup.

Safely secure your pet while traveling.  It is recommended to put a dog in a harness or use the seat belt.  Cats are best protected in a crate.  Animals can become deadly projectiles in the event of a collision.  Do not attach a restraining device to your pets’ collar. This can lead to choking or neck injuries.  Never allow your pet to stick their head out the window.  Any flying debris can severely injure them.

Always have a supply of water on hand.  An animal confined in a car can become overheated very quickly.  Make sure they do not over eat before a trip.  The vibrations from the road will upset their stomach, especially if they are full.

Gerber Collision and Glass recommends your pet always travel with their identification tag on.  If you have to stop for them, they can become excited with the freedom.  Never leave your pet in a parked vehicle.  They can overheat three times quicker than a human.  Remember they are always wearing a coat, even in the DOG DAYS of summer.


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