Stay Safe During the Holiday Season

Stay Safe During the Holiday Season


Did you know there are more alcohol related accidents during the holidays than any other time of the year?  There is going to be many Christmas and New Year’s parties in the coming weeks.  Now is the time to prepare yourself for the events that you may consume alcohol.  Get together with your group of friends.  Talk about getting a taxi lined up.  Going in on a taxi van together is rather cheap and can save your life.  If you know someone is not going to be drinking, ask them to be your designated driver.  Never be embarrassed about asking someone. 

Gerber Collision and Glass wants you and your family to have a joyous holiday season.  Never drink and drive.  Don’t let any of your friends behind the wheel if they have been drinking. Set up a safe party.  Many companies are implementing them.  The liabilities of serving alcohol at work related parties have grown in recent years.  As the holidays approach, remember to have a plan.  Stick to it and have a safe New Year.


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