Check the check engine light

Check the check engine light

So that little annoying light came on with those scary words saying check engine. What should you do? Is it time to panic? Should you stop driving your vehicle? Just because your check engine light is on does not mean there is something wrong with your car. It is simply telling you that something is not functioning properly. The light comes on because one of your sensors has found something abnormal. Great you’re saying. Then there is something wrong with my car! There are a few things that you can check before coming to this conclusion. Most of the time it is a simple problem that needs attention. Check your gas cap. A loose gas cap can cause a sensor to go off indicating a problem. Make sure it is the right cap for your vehicle and is on tightly. Make sure your engine oil is at its proper level. Low levels may also set off a sensor. Read your vehicles manual. It may give you a more specific outlook on your particular car. If it stays on after all these steps have been taken, it may be time to take it to a professional. You may have a loose spark plug wire that needs reconnecting. An O2 sensor may have sparked the light. This sensor monitors the air-fuel mixture. The catalytic convertor may also be the culprit. This helps reduce emission toxicity. Gerber Collision and Glass recommends having a certified mechanic evaluate your vehicle. It may be a simple fix, but you always want reassurance from someone you can trust.


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