Never spare a spare tire

Never spare a spare tire

In the past few years some auto makers have been eliminating a crucial piece of equipment from their vehicles. You may not even know it’s not there until you need it. The spare tire has become a concern for many drivers and is becoming a big safety concern. The reason behind this is some automakers are trying to make cars lighter and more fuel efficient. The lighter the vehicle the better gas mileage it gets. Many companies are even putting the spare tire as an option. If you have purchased, or plan on purchasing a vehicle, make sure you realize this situation. Driving without a spare tire is very dangerous and could leave you stranded. The added weight of a spare tire is very minimal and puts little strain on your wallet. The auto industry is under heavy pressure to increase fuel economy. Don’t fall for this trick. It is unsafe and puts you and your family at risk. Make sure that spare tire is present. Trying to save a few cents on gas is not worth the risk. Gerber Collision and Glass recommends bringing a safety checklist with you when you purchase a vehicle.


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