Check Your Air Conditioner

Check Your Air Conditioner

It’s still near 80 degrees down in Florida.  Many people had their air conditioning cranked during the Christmas weekend.  Up north, it is near freezing.  Have you even thought about the air condition in your vehicle?  Surprisingly, this might be the best time to take a look at some issues that can save you time and money in the future.  Whether you’re in the warm sunny south, or the blistering cold of the north, we’re going to look at a few details of your vehicles air conditioner that may cool you down come spring.

If you are having issues with your ac, start with the fuse box first.  Find the ac fuse and make sure it is intact.  There should be no breaks or burns in it.  Next, check the belt and pulley.  The compressor will have a belt driven pulley attached to it.  Make sure the belt is not broken or detached.  If the belt is secure, make sure the pulley will rotate.  If it does not, it may need new bearings.  The ac clutch also needs to be inspected.  The clutch is a lever that is used to engage and disengage the air conditioner.  You can grab the clutch with your hand and try and move it back and forth.  If it does not move it is time for a new compressor.

                This time of year you can find many deals on rebuilt or new compressors.  Check your local stores or internet ads.  Not many people are concerned with their ac when it’s in the forties.  You may get a steal of a deal.  Gerber Collision and Glass always recommends having a professional evaluate your vehicle.  The air conditioner in a vehicle has many parts including the blower and compressor that need to be diagnosed by machines to check their efficiency.


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