Safety Tips While Driving

Safety Tips While Driving

Every time you get behind the wheel, you take the risk of driving next to a careless driver. Distracted drivers are all over the place and are often times unavoidable. They take their eyes off the road and do other things instead. Unfocused driving accounts for many collisions and deaths every year. Here are a few safety tips you can use when you are driving:


     • Do not put information into your GPS while you are driving. If you need to enter an   address, pull off the side of the road.

     • Avoid putting on makeup, shaving, or any other type of grooming in the car. Do these things before you leave the house.

     • Do not text while driving. Wait until you get to your destination to send a text or have the passenger send the text for you.

     • Make sure your pet is secure in the car. This limits distractions and them roaming around the vehicle while you are driving.

     • Avoid eating when you are behind the wheel. You will have to take your eyes off the road constantly. Eat when you get to where you are going.

There is no excuse for a distracted driver. The things that are making a driver distracted can always be done when you reach your destination. Please be considerate of others on the road. Gerber Collision and Glass give thumbs up to drivers who put safety first.


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