Get your battery crankin’

Get your battery crankin’

So, you crank your engine and it sounds like it will barely start. What in the world is going on with my car your thinking? Well, let’s start from square one. The first things you’ll want to check are the battery terminals. Make sure they are clamped down properly. Next make sure there is no corrosion on the metal. Built up corrosion will not allow a good connection between the battery and the terminal. You can clean this with a hard wire brush and some coke. The acid from the soda will help get rid of that build up that’s been accumulating.

Next, check the battery itself. Take it to an auto parts store that does free battery and alternator checks. They can hook it up to their tester and have an answer for you within a few minutes. In most cases it will either be your battery or alternator that’s failing. Gerber Collision and Glass recommend asking your auto parts tech if there is a warranty on your battery. Most batteries carry a three year warranty and you can save some big bucks on one that is faulty.


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