Ethanol in gasoline

Ethanol in gasoline 

Do you pay attention to the signs at the gas pump, particularly the one that says 10 percent or less ethanol? What does this mean?  Should you be concerned?  Ethanol is a water absorber that attracts water into gas.  Also known as E10, it is added to gasoline for cost effectiveness.  There have been many concerns over the past few years of its damaging potential on vehicles.  Will it hurt my vehicle?  Is there anything else I can do? Let’s take a look at the issues that surround it.

E10 has been widely studied and has had some effects on equipment that it has been introduced to.  If you use it in a lawnmower or other types of lawn products, make sure you use an ethanol additive.  Ethanol that sits in a tank over a long period of time can turn to water and damage the carburetor.  As for using it in newer vehicles, there is virtually no effect at all.  Automobiles are able to burn off the excess water that is created. 

The only time you should worry about this gas is if your vehicle is very old and sits for long periods.  Again, it can cause problems with the carburetor and the seals.  Classic car enthusiasts have reported problems with the fuel pump as a result of ethanol.  Also, be weary of using it in marine engines.  It has raised major concerns in this industry due to the accumulation of water over time.  If you need gas for your outboard Gerber Collision and Glass recommends adding fuel that is ethanol free.  You may pay a little more, but it may save you thousands of dollars in repairs in the future.


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