Get your vehicle ready for the little ones

Get your vehicle ready for the little ones

So you got your house all ready for that new bundle of joy.  All the outlets are covered.  The cabinets are locked.  You have gone over the checklist time and time again.  Stop and think of the first place your baby will be put in.  Is your vehicle ready for the transition?  Let’s take a look at a few issues you will want to consider before bringing that little one home.

First off, make sure it is clean.  Have it vacuumed and detailed a couple of weeks in advance of the due date.  You do not want the baby breathing in any fumes.  Install the safety seat.  Make sure to follow the instructions on your particular model as they all differ.  Gerber Collision and Glass recommend bringing your vehicle to your local fire station if you are uncertain of how to install it.  They can give you the best advice and guidance. 

Make sure to have a blanket and a diaper bag with essential items you might need for your baby.   A safety mirror should also be installed, as the safety seat will be facing the rear.   Next, give your vehicle a checkup.  Make sure all fluid levels are at their correct levels.  Check the tires and inflate to the correct psi. This is a joyous time in a parents’ life, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your vehicle.


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