How do I use Carpooling Lanes?

Do you ever see those triangles on the road when your’ on an interstate?  They are usually in the left hand lanes and are there for a certain purpose.  These are called the carpool lanes.  They are usually used during the morning hours and the rush hour in late afternoon.  They are designed to maximize auto capacity of freeways, move more people per vehicle, save travel time, and provide safe travel options; limiting auto collisions.  Don’t take these lanes for granted.  They are strictly for vehicles with more than one occupant.  Some states have passed a law that makes it illegal to be in these lanes during the hours posted without the correct number of people in a vehicle.

Be aware that you may be issued a ticket if you are caught in these lanes if you are not carpooling.  These lanes are a way of eliminating traffic and controlling smog.  Some people in recent years have called them unconstitutional.  Whatever the case, these lanes are there and you should be aware of their purpose.  You can avoid a collision by staying in these lanes if you meet the guidelines.  Gerber Collision and Glass strongly advise staying out of these lanes during the posted carpooling times if you are not carpooling.  This only causes more traffic and headaches, and could put you and other drivers in danger.


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