Keep up with your vehicle recommendations

Keep up with your vehicle recommendations

Do you ever get annoyed when you get your oil changed by all the recommendations they come up with.  You may hear you need to get your radiator flushed.  Your rear differential needs attention.  The transmission needs to be serviced.  Gerber Collision and glass recommends you pay a little more attention to these request as they could save you big bucks in the long run.  Make sure you take your vehicle to a reputable service station you can trust.  We all know they want to make more money, but if you find one with a good reputation and honest service your vehicle will thank you.

Rear differential service is one many people pass on.  Do not overlook this.  The rear differential needs to stay lubricated.   Check your vehicle’s manual for how often this should be done.  Make sure your vehicle is being cooled properly.  You radiator can build up with plaque if not maintained, especially if you are driving in extreme conditions.  Transmission service should be done every 15 to 20 thousand miles.  Again, check the manual for your vehicles suggested service advice.  Items like air filters need to be changed or cleaned every other oil change.  You can save money by getting this yourself at your local auto parts store.  Do not ignore these recommendations.  They can be very costly repairs if left undone.


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