Play defense during March madness

Play defense during March madness


It is March madness everywhere you turn. The final four is coming up. Did your team make the tournament? If they did, chances are they played good defense to get there. Maybe we should take a look at another place to play good defense. Be the number one defender behind the wheel of your vehicle. Defensive driving can help you avoid collisions and make you a safer driver.

Being a defensive driver does not mean being a scared driver. It simply means being aware of your surroundings and the situation you are driving in. For instance, if you’re on a two lane highway and someone is on your bumper, like a point guard on a forward, let them pass. Don’t play games speeding up. This is where you want to be a defensive driver. Gerber Collision and Glass have seen the results careless driving can produce. Be cautious and always know what is going on around you when you are behind the wheel. After all, we all want to be part of the game tomorrow!


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