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Who’s ready for a road trip?

Who’s ready for a road trip?

It is finally here.  The road trip you have been waiting for.  You have packed your last minute things the night before.  But are you packing in a smart way?  You can’t pack your entire house, so you need to make clever packing decisions.

Pack for the space you have.  If you are traveling in a van or SUV, then you would have more room for bags.  If you riding in a smaller compact car you would not be able to bring as much.   Pack your essential items first and then if you have room left you can pack your fun things.  Utilize all the space in the vehicle for your things.  Don’t forget under the seats.  

Make sure all the passengers going on the trip pack for the space in the vehicle too.  Everyone should bring an equal amount of bags on the trip.  Advise your passengers not to over pack so you can have a comfortable ride.

There are a few must have items.  Food, snacks and drinks are very important to pack.  You could drive for miles without a gas station.  If you get hungry or thirsty you already have these items available.  A first aid kit is another great item to have on board.  You don’t plan on getting sick or hurt, but if it happens you will be ready.   Make sure you have your credit cards and enough cash in case of emergencies on the road.  Don’t forget to visit your local Gerber Collision and Glass for any auto body repair you need before your road trip.


About Gerber Collision & Glass For over seventy years, customers have trusted their automotive collision and glass repairs to Gerber Collision & Glass. Quality workmanship backed by our Lifetime Guarantee and outstanding customer service are just a couple of the reasons why our customers choose to bring their vehicles to Gerber.


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