Recognize how aging affects driving

Recognize how aging affects driving

 As people get older, it is normal for their driving abilities to change.  That doesn’t mean they need to stop driving.  There is no set time when someone should stop driving because everyone ages different. But, we do need to pay attention to certain signals when age is interfering with our driving ability. 

Older adults are more likely to get in an accident than younger adults.  Fatal crashes increase when a driver is 70 years or older.  There are many factors that contribute to this.  An older person starts to lose their hearing, coordination, vision, etc.  They have chronic illnesses that could flare up while driving.  There are certain body pains that could make it difficult to drive.  Arm pains can make it difficult to turn the steering wheel.  Leg pains could make it difficult to move from the gas to the brake.  

Adults over seventy have a weaker attention span.   They also don’t focus as well.  This could result in missing signals, signs, and other cars.  Their reaction time is slower which could result in hitting a stopped car.

Age doesn’t mean you have to stop driving.  It means to be aware of what you can handle.  Perhaps just driving during daylight hours would be safer.  Go for a drive just around your block if that is all you feel safe to do. Talk to your family and loved ones about when you should retire your keys.  Gerber Collision and Glass strive to keep everyone safe on the roadways.


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