Keep your speed down

Keep your speed down

Speeding tickets can be very expensive and give you unwanted points on your license. Drivers need to make the smart decision and obey the speed limit. Law enforcement is looking for speeders and giving them harsh penalties.

Pay attention to the speed limit signs on the side of the road. Check your speedometer to make sure you are not going over the limit. Don’t get distracted by talking on the phone or doing something that takes your focus away from the road.

Gerber Collision and Glass have seen the aftermath of vehicles involved in accidents. More often than not, these vehicles were speeding or hit by someone going over the limit. Be smart out there on the highways. The road is no place to lose your patience.


One thought on “Keep your speed down

  1. More than half of accidents occurred in USA are caused by speeding of vehicles, that driver may be distracted or inexperienced, drunk driver who ever it may be the basic issue is they are running the vehicles with higher speeds which creates panic out come.

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