Gerber Collision and Glass Free Car Rental

Gerber Collision and Glass Free Car Rental

So, your car is in the shop and you don’t have another vehicle to get you around. Looks like you have to check the internet for car rental places. You have to search through vehicles and outrageous prices. Let’s hold on a minute. Did you know that Gerber Collision and Glass have up to five free day’s car rental with many of their body repairs. That’s right, if your vehicle stays with Gerber, they’ll get you a ride.

Gerber Collision and Glass also have some great online coupons that could save you some big bucks. Please visit for their most recent savings. They have been in business for over seventy years, and continue to be the leading repair shop throughout the United States and Canada. You can also reach Gerber at 1-877-7gerber for any questions you might have. So if your vehicle needs work, and you need to get a rental look no further than Gerber Collision and Glass.


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