Make time for timing belt

Make time for timing belt

                Is it time for your timing belt to be checked or replaced?  Many of us don’t even know what a timing belt is.  We need to focus on this automotive issue that is rarely talked about or checked up on.  The timing belt is part of an internal combustion engine that controls the timing of the engines valves.  It needs to be replaced every sixty to ninety thousand miles.  Gerber Collision and Glass recommend having a professional mechanic take the time to inspect your timing belt.  Major damage can occur to the valves and pistons if the belt is not taken off correctly.

                Failure to replace a worn out timing belt can result in major damage to your vehicle’s engine.  One key indication that your timing belt is ready to be replaced is hearing a rattling sound in the front of the engine.  We cannot stress enough the importance of having this belt checked.  If the teeth on the belt get smoothed out, you can cause the motor to be completely destroyed.  Some of the valves can remain open and be struck by the pistons resulting in this damage.  Have your timing belt checked if your vehicle is in the mileage or you hear anything different with your engine.  Don’t be left stranded with up to three thousand dollars in damage to your vehicle.


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