What to do if you have a chip in the windshield of your vehicle

What do you do if you have a chip in the windshield of your vehicle? 

If you’ve ever been driving around Tampa and seen a chip in the windshield, The sight of a new crack or chip on your windshield can prove frustrating and you’ve probably just wanted to what hit your car. There are several types of windshield chips and each has their culprit.

There are different types of cracks that may require you to bring in your vehicle for windshield repair.  While windshield cracks are generally caused from objects such as hail, rocks, or other road debris hitting your windshield they can often occurs without anything touching the windshield, such as a large variation in the temperature – those auto glass repair’s start at the edge of the windshield.

Experts at Gerber recommend having your windshield crack inspected immediately because there is a chance of it spreading and getting larger the longer you leave it.   To have your windshield inspected, visit Gerber Collision and Glass to find the auto glass repair location nearest to you.

With over 100 locations to serve you, and a written lifetime guarantee on all work, we are your hail windshield repair specialist!


Got a chip in your windshield

Got a chip in your windshield

Got a chip in your winshield? Gerber Collision and Glass can help. Whether you have a small crack or a large split in your glass, our experienced technicians can evaluate your situation and have you back on the road in no time. We use only the highest quality materials found in the automotive glass industry. We also offer a free mobile service for your convenience.

With over 70 years of experience, Gerber Collision and Glass are proud to be approved by all major insurance companies. So whether it’s one vehicle or an entire fleet you need evaluated, our experts are here for you. We have many locations throughout the United States and Canada to serve you. Windshield cracks can impair your ability to drive safely. Don’t let that broken glass go untreated. Let Gerber collision and Glass solve the problem.

How does the cold weather cause windsheild glass cracks

Cold Weather and Windshield Cracks

With weather chill in the air, not only are we having to bundle up a bit more but we also need to be on the lookout for changes in the windshields of our car. Because changes in temperature can expand and contract your vehicles windshield, it’s important to look for small cracks that can travel the length of your auto glass.

For instance, if the inside of your car is around 60 degrees but the outside is in the 20s, the inside layor of the class will expland while the outside will contract, causing distortion and often cracked auto glass that is in need of windshield repair.  Even a small difference in degrees can stress your auto windshield.

If you’ve had a small windshield crack after about a month or so you will notice it begins to get dirty.  How do windshield cracks become dirty?  Typically the windshield wipers push dirt into the crack over time or when it rains dirt can be carried into the auto glass crack. It’s important to have your vehicle looked at by an auto glass service company because preventative measures will take care of the crack before it spreads.

Don’t let a cracked windshield run

Don’t let a cracked windshield run

What is the function of a windshield on a vehicle? Have we ever really thought about it?  It seems like the only time we think about it is when it is cracked or in need of some attention.  We know it protects the driver from weather and debris. The windshield also supports the roof and decreases the chance of the roof caving in if it is involved in a collision. The windshield should be maintained to keep your vehicle in top shape.  There are a few tips you want to consider when properly inspecting your windshield.

Make sure there are no stickers or decals in your view.  These can hinder your sight and create a blind spot in front of you.  A small crack in your windshield should not be overlooked.  Cold weather or pressure can cause the crack to spread.  This may also become a hazard in your ability to see out the front.  Gerber Collision and Glass recommends getting cracks or nicks in your windshield looked at as soon as possible.  If it spreads you may need the entire windshield replaced, so it’s best to get a professional to diagnose the condition of the glass at the earliest possible time.

Gerber Collision and Glass can evaluate and assess the condition of your windshield at any stage.  Customer satisfaction has been job one over the years and continues to be what this business strives for every day.  It is important to make sure your windshield is in good condition.  Routinely check to make sure there are no cracks or divots.  It can become a major safety issue if cracked windshields are not taken care of.

What to do when you get hail damage on your vehicle

What to do when you get hail damage on your vehicle.

What do do when you get hail damage.

Your vehicle was damaged in a hailstorm. Now what? The process of getting it repaired can be even more frustrating. Running around town getting estimates takes up a lot of time, and it can be confusing. Hopefully the following information will answer some of the questions you might have and help you save a great deal of time.

First, contact your insurance company to start the claims process. Do not be hesitant to file a claim for fear of the insurance premiums being raised. Hail damage should be covered under your comprehensive coverage and is considered an act of nature. Filing a hail claim should not cause your premiums to go up. most major insurance companies now endorse dent repair for automobile hail damage.

Next, your insurance company inspects your vehicle’s hail damage. Often they will give you a list of body shops they recommend you go to for repairs, such as Gerber Collision and Glass.

Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee, our qualified, experienced technicians will repair your vehicle to its pre-hail condition. Our computerized paint systems offer superior colour matching capabilities to restore your vehicle’s cosmetic appearance, and our paint booths use cutting-edge ventilation systems to ensure a flawless finish.

We inspect the repair at several quality check points throughout the process to ensure that we deliver on our service promise. Once the repair is complete, the vehicle is thoroughly inspected once more before we return it to you.

Many Options (voice to text, hands-free features) make texting while driving unnecessary

Many Options (voice to text, hands-free features) make texting while driving unnecessary…

Texting while driving is a huge NO-NO!  Some interesting information about texting while driving is listed below.  Please remember that these statistics are only estimates.  We at Gerber Collision and Glass continue to encourage you to please stop texting while driving.  Please make the pledge and be dedicated to driving without texting…. there are many options, like voice to text, and hands-free features that making using your thumbs and physically texting while driving completely unnecessary….

Texting while driving info:

  • An accident can happen within seconds of texting
  • Texting is a youth’s sport, as more of the youngsters are the ones that are keen to this technology.  It is said that about 40 percent of texting while driving drivers are ages 18 to 27.  Then the age group of 28 to 44 years old is about 15 percent, and then only 2 percent of 45 to 60 years old text while driving.
  • Texting while driving causes lane weaving, speeding up and down, and increases the chances of running into pedestrians, other vehicles, or other objects.
  • 95 percent of people think texting while driving is a big NO-NO, but at least approximately 25 percent admit that they do it anyways.
  • Legally drunk drivers need about 4 additional feet to begin braking… and a person that is texting while driving needs about 70 feet to begin braking.  This is extremely scary folks.
  • And finally, texting while driving your automobile increases your risk of an accident about 25 times a person operating a vehicle that is not impaired in some way.

What can you do?

Experts say one of easiest things to do is to just simply turn off your phone when you get into your vehicle.  It’s that easy!  This way you will resist the urge to send a message, or to reply to a message received.  There are even many states that have passed laws that make texting while driving illegal.  Bottom line:  it is about saving your life, and saving the lives of others…. Please do not text and drive…

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It’s raining, it’s pouring…. Gerber fixes ALL auto glass needs!

Picture this: It’s been raining for the last 4 days and the sun is FINALLY out, and it’s warm and humid. You get into your car and “sniff, sniff. Where is that mildew smell coming from? My windows are all up.” Well, even the slightest gap in your window, or cracked windshield, can cause water to seep in and cause mold and mildew to grow. That can make your car stink and look unattractive from the inside. If you suspect your car’s window has a leak, or if your windows or windshields have a crack in them, make sure to bring it over to us, Gerber Collision and Glass! We can take a look and fix ya right up!

Our customer service records speak for themselves:

Gerald had some work done recently on his car, and said “I had some front end damage to my car, took it in and I was impressed with the staff and facility. The staff was knowledgeable and the shop was very neat and clean, very professional operation. They called twice a week as promised and gave me updates on my cars progress. When I picked it up, it look just like it did the day I picked it up from the showroom. I was very impressed and will use Gerber Collision again, when I need body work done to any of my vehicles.”

We also make auto glass replacement and windshield repair services easy with our mobile auto glass services. If something happens while you’re at work and you can’t leave the office, don’t worry we’ll take care of it while you keep working!