Back to School Safety

Back to School Safety

Children across the nation are heading back to school and drivers need to take precaution on the road.  Motorists need to be especially careful in school zones. Parents need to review safety rules with their kids about walking or bike riding. 

Children who walk to school need to use the sidewalks.  When there are no sidewalks, they need to walk on the side facing traffic.  Kids should always wear a helmet when riding a bike. 

When a child is taking a bus to school they need to stand away from the curb.  Bus riders should get on and off of the bus when the driver says it’s okay.  Kids need to stay seated until the bus has come to a complete stop. 

Children need to cross the streets using crosswalks.  They need to look both ways to make sure a car is not coming. 

Drivers can also practice safety measures on the road.  Be extra careful before and after school.  Don’t pass a school bus when its lights are flashing.  Always drive the speed limits.  When a driver is leaving their driveway, make sure there are no kids walking by. 

Gerber Collision and Glass would like to have a fun and safe school year for everyone.  Please review back to school safety rules.


School Zone Safety

School Zone Safety

          Over the past few years, safety in school zones has been going through a dramatic decline.  More and more we are seeing careless accidents in school zones. We see drivers going too fast or not stopping at crosswalks.  We need to focus on the issues that have led to this downfall of safety.  Children’s safety should be our top priority.

         Parents and guardians should remind their children that many drivers can be dangerous.  They should also remind their children to cross the street only at crosswalks and intersections.  Urge them to look both ways and use caution.  Children should not try and board a bus until it comes to a complete stop.  After exiting the bus they should only cross the street when in full view of the bus driver. 

                Drivers must remember that children have the right of way.  Stop at all intersections in school zones.  Remember kids don’t always cross where they are supposed to; it’s up to all drivers to be aware and use caution.  Drivers must also stop for school buses when their lights turn red.  Do not try and pass them before the lights change.  Remember you must also stop on both sides unless the lanes are divided by a barrier or median.

                Slow down when entering a school zone.  Obey the posted speed limits.  You will usually see flashing lights with a speed limit posted.  Gerber Collision and Glass cannot stress this issue enough.  Please slow down.  There is no reason that school zone safety should be on the decline.  If we all do our part we can make sure our children make it to and from school safely.