Tips for driving in a rainstorm – how should you handle wet weather driving

Tips for driving in a rainstorm – how should you handle wet weather driving

The most dangerous time to drive is during a rainstorm when it hits the hardest.  In stormy and rainy conditions, it is more difficult to see other vehicles, road signs and the road itself. It is critical to make sure you can see and be seen.

There are several measures motorists can take to avoid an auto collision during a rainstorm.  First, slow down.  It seems obvious, but many drivers are used to driving certain speeds on certain roads that sometimes they forget the need to slow down during a storm.  Next, turn on your headlights, even if it’s a light rain, this will not only help increase your visibility of the road but will also help other drivers see you better.  While driving slowly, stay in the middle lane, as the water tends to be heavier on the outside lanes and never drive through “moving” water.  “Moving” water can sweep your car off the ground and cause an auto accident.  While driving in wet-weather always maintain a proper distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you – if you need to stop quickly your brake pads will need that extra space to avoid the car in front of you and driving in the tracks of other vehicles can improve traction and help avoid hydroplaning.

With heavy rain, this is what you need to know before getting into your car.   Taking a few precautions and using wet-weather driving techniques will keep you from ending up sopping wet on the shoulder of the freeway, waiting for a tow truck. Or worse.


3 thoughts on “Tips for driving in a rainstorm – how should you handle wet weather driving

  1. I think a key point is to always look out for other drivers, no matter how careful you drive all it takes is for someone else to make a mistake and you could end up in a crash, so always be aware of other drivers.

  2. Also, windshield maintenance is very important. If the wipers don’t clear the water from your line of vision you need NEW WIPERS. If your windshield is cracked and chipped the rain is going to make what is already hard to see out of even harder to see out of. Drivers just need to take the maintenance of their windshield as seriously as they take the maintenance on the rest of their vehicle. If your windshield is damaged, have a certified windshield replacement or auto glass repair technician take a look at it so they can determine what you need. Thanks for the post. You’re absolutely right, the most important safety tip when driving in ‘weather’ of any kind is SLOW DOWN.

  3. I come from a city that usually doesn’t have many storms, so it throws everyone for a loop whenever it rains, or occasionally snows. There are usually a lot more accidents on the roads whenever it rains, so it’s important for drivers to know how to safely drive on the roads. Your first point about slowing down your driving speed when it rains is a very good point. Hydroplaning is one of the most common reasons for cars to drive our of control during rain storms. If more drivers in my town would learn to slow down a little bit when it rains, then there would most likely be fewer accidents.

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