Car Safety During a Hurricane – What to do while driving in a storm

The Hurricane… Now I’m not referring to the boxing movie starring Denzel Washington playing Rubin “Hurricane” Carter who was imprisoned for murder but was innocence. While that was a great movie, I’m referring to a hurricane storm! A storm that consists of violent winds, rains, hail, thunder, and lighting. These storms are extremely dangerous and everyone needs to prepare for such storms.

We need to get ready for the storm coming”. That is what most say when a hurricane is coming, and Floridians know all too well what a hurricane can do. Not only can the damaging winds do harm to yourself and your homes, but also to your cars!

With the threatening of the upcoming storm, named Emily, which is now downgraded to a tropical wave (thankfully), I am reminded of what damage can be done to your cars. The violent winds, flooding, falling trees and much more can do serious damage to your cars.  Gerber Collision and Glass can assist in these times, and help you get what you need done to your cars and get your back on the road! Please see us as we will provide any assistance necessary to you or your loved ones. And please be safe!


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