Get your vehicle more fuel efficient

Get your vehicle more fuel efficient

As you know, the price of gas is skyrocketing.  It is at an all-time high for the month of March and expected to only increase.  We at Gerber Collision and Glass know how stressful it can be filling up the tank at nearly four dollars a gallon.  We have included some recommendations to get the best gas mileage out of your vehicle.  They can help you save some big bucks at the pump!

Make sure your tires are inflated properly.  Low air pressure can significantly decrease gas mileage.  Check the tire or your vehicle’s manual for proper levels.  Limit the amount of time you run your car in idle.  You can burn nearly two gallons of fuel per hour, for a vehicle that is not even moving.  Drive more efficiently.  Limit your speed.  The faster you go, the more gas you burn.  Also, avoid excelarating too fast.  Keep your rpm’s down.

  Keep up on your vehicle’s maintenance.  A car that is tuned up will be much more fuel efficient.  Use the air conditioner only when you absolutely need it.  Your air conditioner is one of the biggest consumers of gas.  Shop around.  Many news channels post stations with the lowest prices.  Avoid buying gas near airports, they raise their prices considerably.  Limit your driving by combing your errands.  You will be surprised how much less gas you’ll use.


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